Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thank You Amazon.Com

Thanks to, for delivering my order earlier than expected! I received it last night, but didn't really get a chance to play around with it until this morning. Since figuring out how everything works (everything used lightly), I have been addicted to this program.  It is simply amazing. I definitely recommend this software to anyone that has a love for photography (even if it's not professional). Being able to take your own (or other's) family photos and edit right on the spot saves so much money.  So, hopefully I am able to get this "at-home" gig started sometime soon.  Now to just start building my portfolio...

Just one of the many photos I edited in Lightroom 3 today. More to come later! Oh, and because I was stuck on using this program...I did not get any baking done today. Must make up for that during my three-day weekend coming up! :)

I must get to bed, work in the AM. Goodnight!

xx jmeelin

1 comment:

  1. You'll love Lightroom, I got it last week and I already spend way too much time on it :)
    But so, so worth it.