Friday, November 2, 2012

Phonto: And It's Greatness

Hello all!

For those of you that follow my Instagram account, you may have noticed that many of my pictures include text or some kind of typography. Many of you have asked how I am able to do this and find the pretty fonts, so here is a quick blog post to share what I know.

The app I use to place text onto my Instagram pictures is free and is called Phonto. It looks like this:

Once you've downloaded the app onto your iPhone/iPod, check out some of the free fonts offered by these websites {on your computer}:

1. DaFont
2. FontSquirrel
3. FontSpace

After downloading AND installing several fonts to your computer, connect your iPhone/iPod to your iTunes. 

This next step is VERY important. Once your iPhone is connected to your iTunes, select File --> then Transfer Purchases to iPhone/iPod.  This step simply makes sure that all of your recent downloads/purchases are up-to-date and in sync with your computer. 

Next, while in your iTunes, select the Apps tab for your device. Scroll down and you should see the Phonto app (along with any other app that allows you to transfer content from your computer to iDevice). From here on, you can upload any or all fonts that you previously downloaded to your computer. Keep in mind that the more fonts you upload, the slower your device may be because of memory usage. 

Hopefully my little tutorial makes sense! Comment below if you have any questions regarding the process, and I will try my best to answer/help you out. Thank you, a million times and more, for the encouragement and support you guys give me each day. It means so much to know that people actually appreciate my work. 

I wish you all a beautiful evening/morning wherever you may be!

xx jmeelin

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