Tuesday, November 8, 2011


If there's one thing I love (besides Scott, my family, and soon-to-be-puppy Baxley), it's finding good thrift deals. I head back to work tomorrow, so what better way to spend the day off snapping photos and thrifting? I thought so too. ;)  And finding a vintage camera while thrifting makes for an even better day off!
{ my small collection of vintage cameras }
Vintage cameras, in my opinion, are tricky to find. Especially in the Northern VA area where I currently live.  Maybe I should try to always make a point to visit at least one thrift store or antique store on every trip I go on in the future? Oh, and mini-trips count too. 

If I find anything good today, I'll be sure to include photos in my next post. Wish me luck! 

xx jmeelin

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