Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My "Love Song" for Scott

Happy Valentine's Day, all! 

This post will be short and sweet. Scott and I have concluded that our gift for each other this year is our dog, Baxley. We don't like to spend much on this overly-hyped holiday, but it is still nice to receive something special on this day from your love. 

Scott surprised me over the weekend and built us a much needed spice rack (which I be posting photos of next time) for our kitchen! I was so shocked, I had no idea that he had been building it in our apartment.  He even pointed out that much of the materials he had used were laying around and I did not notice anything.  Not one bit! 

So for him, I decided to record an 'awkward' video of me playing a song that means a lot to us. Originally by The Cure, here is my rendition of "Love Song" for my babe. 

Much love to you all!

xo jmeelin

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