Friday, December 21, 2012

a year in review: fromwhereistood

I have been officially off from work and on my little stay-cation break for about three days now, and I must admit that I could really get used to this feeling! Scott and I took a much needed grocery trip to the store yesterday so that we could fill up our fridge with yummy things to enjoy on our week off together. When you don't have much planned though, the time seems to really go by fast!

Speaking of fast, this year flew by in a jiffy! Although 2012 did not feel half as busy as 2011, I still enjoyed the moments that were made and experiences that were given.  I was able to concoct a little review from some of my Instagram photos of the various places I've stood throughout the past two years. It's fun to see where life brings you in a years time...

#fromwhereistood | 2011

#fromwhereistood | 2012

As far as plans for this next week off, I don't have much planned, and I plan on keeping it that way. ;) Hopefully I am able to sneak in a little photography adventure though {while I have some free time to do so}! Until then, have yourselves a lovely weekend. 

xx jamie lynn

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