Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

What a day. Although Scott and I did not get to spend Christmas today with our families, we are thankful for this day and the beautiful people on this world. Long story short...I am extremely grateful for the random acts of kindness from the tow truck guy, his friend (the mechanic), and the mechanic's son. These three gentlemen gave us their time on this holiday to help repair our car.

We started our three hour drive to New Jersey for the holiday when out of no where, Scott's back tire blew just as we were making our way through D.C.. We thought "Hey, it's okay since we've got a donut wheel", but little did we know that one of the lug nuts was stripped and corroded to the stud. Basically meaning, it was being one stubborn nut!

While on the side of the road, multiple cars stopped to offer help and assistance. We kindly thanked them and told them we had a tow truck on route and we would be fine for the time being. A little while later our tow truck driver arrived and was pleasantly upbeat for being on the clock on a holiday. He hooked up the car to pull it to the next exit where he could re-examine the situation.

Upon realizing that a mechanic would need to be involved, he offered up two solutions; one being rather unorthodox. Either we could have the car towed to a place of our choosing, or we could see if his mechanic friend who lived down the road, was home and able the help.

Trusting the winds of fate, we decided to see if his friend was home, being that this would mean immediate service and it was the closest option. Luckily he and his son were out front working on a car when we pulled up. Without hesitation he took on the challenge wholeheartedly. Between the three of them, a dynamic tow truck, several forced on socket wrenches, a blow torch, and a rather large hammer, the job was done and the wheel finally came off.

Even after saying our thank yous, goodbyes, and wishing them a merry Christmas, the tow truck driver insisted on leading us to a gas station to check the tire pressure on the remaining tires and the doughnut for our safety.

So anyway, my long story short, God bless these people and their good will. I snapped this picture while we were waiting for our tire to be fixed, just to remind myself of all the good that came from today's events.

Hope you all are having wonderful times spent with your loved ones. Merry Christmas, dear friends!

xx jamie lynn


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